Sheep Dog Society


Sheep, wolves, and sheepdogs all live a intertwined complex life. Sheep, for the most part live in a world of ignorance and disbelief; that is what makes them soft cuddly sheep. Sheep don't want to believe that within our world there is an abundance of evil. The sheep’s response to the possibility of violence is utter denial. The concept of someone coming to cause harm to them or their family is impossible for the sheep to fathom, so they choose the path of disbelief.

For the most part sheep do not like the sheepdog. In their eyes he looks a lot like a sheep main enemy, the wolf. He has sharp teeth and barks and growls at them. The difference is that the sheepdog must not, cannot and will not ever harm the sheep. If a sheepdog intentionally inflicts any harm on any member of the flock he will never have the opportunity to protect them again. This world cannot operate in any other fashion, not in a democracy or a republic such as The United States of America.

All that being said, the sheepdog still bothers the sheep. He is the never ending reminder that real danger and evil do exist and  that there are wolves all around us. The sheep don't want to hear him telling them where to go, or give them traffic tickets, or have to wait in a long security line at the airport. The sheep want the sheepdog to get rid of his big sharp teeth, get painted white and perm his fur to look like theirs.

Of course this all changes immediately when the solve decides to come around. Then every sheep in the flock cowers and hides themselves behind the one sheep dog that has and is always there for them.

Take September 11, 2001 for a perfect example, the solve did not just show up that day, he was in full attack mode. America changed that day and all of a sudden all the sheep dogs, the policemen, firemen, and first responders were being hailed as brave unselfish hero's. The feelings of getting mad when you got a ticker were thrown out and saying "Thank you for your service" and feeling a sincere admiration for what the individuals did everyday was abundant. How many people wore hats and shirts with NYFD on them? The sheepdogs stepped up and protected the sheep.

Now, being a sheep dog versus a sheep does not make one better or worse than another, but realize the only difference between the two is that the sheepdog chose to be a sheep dog and the sheep choose to be sheep. Sheepdogs by nature are curious and busy, they are always barking and sounding off alarms if things don't seem right, they sleep lightly, they always have their nose in the air, and they relish protecting the flock. When a opportunity for battle arises and the sheep are in jeopardy, they live for that moment of action and thrive in it.


The sheepdog and sheep have a completely different mentality, thought process, and outlook on life. The sheep live their life thinking that they will never really encounter a real wolfe, the sheepdog on the other hand yearns for the day he can put his skills into play and do the job we wants and desires to do. When the wolves attacked on September 11, the sheep, also known as most Americans said, “I was so lucky not to be in those buildings, those airplanes, or anywhere near New York City.” Sheepdogs, also known as warriors said, “ Why wasn't it me in the airplane, the building, or in the  city, I could have saved lives and made a horrible situation better." The sheepdogs, the modern day warriors want that opportunity, they live for it, and though they don't want the wolves to do damage they live in the reality that the wolves will come but instead of cower, and shake in fear and helplessness, they will rise, attack, and protect those who can't or won't do it for themselves. They want to be in the heat of the battle, they want the opportunity to destroy and eliminate evil, they are warriors, and this is their makeup.

Again like mentioned before the sheepdog is no better or worse than the very sheep he protects, but he does have a distinct advantage over the sheep.  The sheepdog is self sufficient and has the deeply manifested desire to survive and prosper in a world where the wolves run wild and strike at will with no regard for life. It has been said that humans that are predators, perpetrators of heinous crimes and violence target those they feel are sheep. Passive, quite, those that are lacking confidence, these are the types that were targeted like game animals by the pack of wolves. In nature the wolves always attack the weakest and slowest in the flock first, they do this to guarantee the kill.

But there is a twist,when these wolves tries to attack those that were aggressive, didn't back down, and showed that there would be a fight, the wolves would turn and run away. If the criminals felt that the desired victim was a sheepdog, someone who thrived on defending others but also fought with a life or death mentality to defend their own selves, they would be left alone unless the attacker had become the attacked.

In the wilderness, sheep are born as sheep, sheepdogs are born as sheepdogs and wolves are born as wolves, there is no choice, it is what it is.  It is different for humans, we have choice, we have free agency, and we have the ability to chose our path and destiny. You can choose to be a sheep, and if that is your choice, it is fine. You just have to be able to deal with that choice and the ramifications that come with it. The wolves will come, they are evil, they are up to no good, and your only hope lies in the ability to find a sheepdog and hide behind him. You and your families lives depend on that sheepdog whoever he or she may be. On the flip side you can also decide to be a wolf.  Your life will be one on the run, always looking over your shoulder for not only the sheepdogs who are constantly chasing and hunting you but the very members of your pack nipping and biting you when the opportunity arises. The real warriors, the ones who choose to be sheepdogs, these are the ones who are member of The Sheep Dog Society. These are the ones who rise to the call, who protect themselves, their families, and those sheep who choose not to defend themselves. This Society is built for us, The Sheepdogs, and those who have made the choice to be a sheepdog and now only need the guidance on how to do so. Make the choice, become the hero,  and rise to the call, the call of The Sheep dog Society. The world has never needed you more, we look forward to preparing you for the journey.